The Wall Came Tumbling Down

October 11, 2015

We are in the process of demolition this week and the transformation is amazing.  One of the biggest visual barriers in seeing the home’s potential has been the two front doors, separated by a wall to create the duplex.  As a result, both units had a narrow entryway and it was almost impossible to imagine an entryway that would make you go ‘wow’!  This visual barrier was significant as we tried to imagine the possibilities. So the first time I entered the house with the wall removed, I had my WOW moment (finally)!  It was beautiful! The light was bright, the windows popped, and it was like the home was smiling and happy to be a single family home once again.

One challenge down, on to the next!

In my last post I mentioned the need for a closet. This house, like most of this era, has very little storage.  In the downstairs, there is not a single closet.  I originally was thinking we could add one near the staircase, but it was clear when the wall came down, adding a closet and spoiling the newly uncovered entryway was not an option.  So, our dilemma is, where do we put a closet? Do we need a closet downstairs? How should we solve for it?

Would love your suggestions – please send your comments to!

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