The Roof

January 20, 2016

Almost from day one, I have wanted a metal roof.  Even before this project, I wanted a metal roof.  And then I started learning about roofs and I learned what I REALLY wanted was a historical terne metal roof – and they are no longer available.

While there are other options for metal roofs such as standing seam, they are the ones you see in new construction, not older, historical homes.  So the dilemma was, as we have often faced in this project, how do you balance updating the house while staying true to the historical components and managing the budget all at the same time?  I confess the budget was weighted heavily in this decision process.  Marc, our contractor did an excellent job of laying out all of our options.  The range in cost was significant.  And since we were not going to get exactly what we wanted, should we spend that much money? So, we came up with a very good compromise.

One of the concerns I had with the roof selection was the high visibility of the porch roof from the second floor.  It is very prominent.   So our compromise is to use copper for the porch roof and typical asphalt shingles for the rest of the roof.  The copper was a prohibitive cost for the entire house, but for the few squares we needed for the front porch roof, we could swing it.  Decision made.

Or so I thought. Well there are lots and lots of colors and some variability in thickness even for shingles. And as I suspected, we are getting at the phase of the project where decisions need to be made at lightning speed – at least from my perspective.  (I am a processor and I like to think it out.) So roofer hired, samples on front porch, and decision on what we wanted happened in less than 24 hours.  I was able to change my mind at least once during that time period and thank goodness for a friend who assisted in showing me what the roof would look like  – even if we had to use a port-0-potty for our simulated “roof” to do it!!

By the way…if I win the lottery? First thing I am buying is a copper roof

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