The History of the Kuhne-Drews Home

October 1, 2015

The inspiration for this adventure all started with the photo you see.  Years ago I found this photo and had an etching done for my parents and my sister. Who knew the connection I would be making at that time with this home!  I rediscovered this photo after my father passed away,  and began to do a little research about the house.  I confess, I was very familiar with the home, but not with the history beyond my memories and I regretfully did not ask my father many questions about the origin of the house while he was alive.  So, I had some work to do to understand the humble beginnings of this home.

The home is located in the Hampton Park Terrace community.  It was built in 1915 by my great-grandfather Julian Henry Kuhne and my great-grandmother Henrietta C. Kuhne.   This is the home my grandmother grew up in and the home my father grew up in and the home that I would stay and play in as a young child.  I have very fond memories of it where I would often spend the night with my grandmother. I vividly remember taking a bath in the claw foot bathtub, eating the most amazing french toast and bacon for breakfast, playing in the dirt under the house with a spoon and a clay pot,  visiting the Hampton Park Zoo  and walking to the “Red and White” to get groceries.  I never imagined life would lead me to restore this Hampton Park Terrace home.

My goal with this blog is to take you back in time as I recap more of the history of the house and it’s inhabitants and to take you on the journey of restoring the home.  I am a novice in the renovation process and in blogging, so I hope you will forgive my ignorance and embrace my enthusiasm!

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