The Dimes

November 10, 2015

At first glance, you might think I am trying to highlight how the floors and bead board are in need of serious renovation.  But look closely, and you will see tucked in the molding, is a dime.  And not just any dime, but one of 70 (and counting) that have shown up at just the right time, to encourage us, to reassure us, and to literally point us in the right direction.  This is the story of the dimes.

One year ago this past week, my father passed away.  He loved this house and in the last few years of his life, he asked almost every weekend, “Can we run by the House?”.  We would oblige most requests, and inwardly cringe as we rode by the house that was in such disarray. He was very proud that he still owned the family home and was always excited when he saw another house on the same street sell for increasingly higher prices.  I now think he purposefully wanted my husband and I to take him by the house so we would begin to see it as our family home as well.

When Daddy passed away, the minister asked the family to share our favorite memories so he could capture them at the memorial service.  The first one that popped into my mind was my earliest memory of my father, one I had not thought about in years and one that I had never even shared with my husband. As a small child, 4-5 years old, I remember standing on the sidelines of the football field during an afternoon Varsity practice, my little arm stretched high above my head to reach my father’s hand. One of the star players found a dime on the field and ran over to give it to me.  A DIME (my little heart soared!). Daddy took me to the Red & White to get some Mary Jane candy for a penny a piece, but he said I had to give some of the candy to the player that gave me the dime. This was an early lesson in sharing and giving back to others who give to you.  Since that early childhood event, I can count on one hand the number of times I have found a single dime, until this past year.

Days following Daddy’s funeral, we started finding The Dimes.  They always appeared as a single dime, and usually at a time we needed reassurance, comfort, and a reminder that Daddy’s spirit was still with us. We found them at gas station pumps, on bikes at a stop lights, on the sidewalk, in the Starbucks, and in the most random places – and only as a single dime.  We found them in the house when we were trying to figure out if we should keep it as rental or renovate as a single family home, we found them when we felt this renovation might be more than we could handle. And then friends began to find them, including my good friend’s mother who found three during a tour of the house. Just like the picture, tucked away but a constant reminder that we are on the right path.  So 70 dimes and 12 months later, we feel confident that Daddy’s spirit is with us and we are on the right path with this renovation.

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  • Reply Megan Bruckman February 26, 2016 at 3:25 am

    I absolutely love this story of the dimes! ♡♡♡

  • Reply Fran Hummel July 9, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    What a touching story about the dimes. Thanks for suggesting I read it. Hope to see you soon.

    • Reply English July 10, 2016 at 7:38 pm

      I thought you would like it! Thank you!!

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