That’s What Friends Are For….

November 3, 2015

This is no understatement:  I could not… no way… no how, do this renovation without my friends. I have had countless phone conversations with so many friends, who fortunately are design savvy, and who patiently listen and enthusiastically weigh-in to this renovation project.  Facetime is my new friend, and I admit I have sent (and received) paint boards priority mail. You would think that it’s a very sequential process – demo, rebuild, bath tile, fixtures, paint and BAM, you have a new house.  But you really have to think about the finished product early to make the right design decisions that come up every day.  And, if you have ever done this, you know you will get a phone call asking you to make major design decisions – due the next day – and you have no idea what you want.  So, I have tried very hard to get ahead of the paint selections, wall paper, tile, fixtures, etc.  I am sure my contractor thinks I am a little (lot) type A as I obsess over the exterior paint color, how to deal with the picture trim on the wallpaper wall, and where will the grill go? Thankfully, he is also patient.

And that’s where my  friends come in, showing up on weekends, popping in during the day, letting me express all the options I have considered and helping me edit, edit, edit… until we get a short list. And even suggesting I take a day off and relax. Which I don’t have time to do but I appreciate the sentiment.  I am so busy, so overwhelmed, so much to do and to think about, and oh, so very happy!

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