June 15, 2016

Recovering….in more ways than one.

The renovation takes a toll on you. You are making hundreds of decisions – it feels like by the hour – and then your only job is to unpack boxes. Since the move into the house, we have taken it from it’s pure state of finished renovation to a state of complete chaos. Boxes everywhere, pictures stacked against walls and not knowing where anything is. And, while I aspire to get it “cocktail party ready”, it is a very slow process.  (Not that I have a cocktail party planned, but one day…..).So, I have needed a bit of recovering. Instead of unpacking boxes, I took some time out to just play! In the dirt, with friends, and in the fabric store.

It really does take a bit a recovery after a major renovation.  I feverishly unpacked boxes for a couple of weeks, in a frenzy to get everything put away, then I just stopped.  I was tired. It was not pretty with all the boxes everywhere. I kept losing things, never finding what I needed, always wondering where things were. So I just stopped. And I started doing fun things, searching for fabric, volunteering for the Charleston Parks Conservancy, having lunch with friends, taking a road trip to Sea Island, GA, giving tours of the house not even caring if my bed was made-up. (Yes, I just bonked on trying to get everything in order).  Then I started finding inspiration again. In the fabric store, in the beautiful Charleston Parks, visiting friends for the Southern Grown Festival in Sea Island, and meeting new neighbors. So, I got myself in gear again and began the redecorating process.

And all along the way, I made some new discoveries. Kelvin Moultrie and Carolina Auto Trim. No link. No website. But great talent, quick turnaround, and fair prices. Pick-up, delivery, and most importantly, a really nice person who cares about what he does. If you need something recovered, go see him!  I had dining rooms chairs, a cane back couch, accent chairs…9 pieces total, many antiques, and he rocked it!

I also rediscovered Charleston Parks.  If you have not visited Colonial Lake, Allen Park, Hampton Park, Tiedemann Park, Cannon Park, Hazel Park, McMahon Park…..then GO!  better yet, become a Park Angel and volunteer to help maintain and love the park so others can enjoy it’s beauty!  Check out the Charleston Parks Conservancy website to learn about the parks, the plants in the parks, and other events that provide you the opportunity to help and get involved!

So my take-away is:  It’s ok to stop and play. You might discover new things, new friends and new sources of inspiration!


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