December 4, 2015

Renovations often present the challenge of “is it worth re-purposing and reusing the materials you have or will you spend more money trying to bring an old item back to life”?….  That is often the struggle between the old and the new in renovation and it usually boils down to the budget.  We have been very fortunate to have a contractor who always strives to honor the past materials, when you can, with a keen eye to staying on budget.  This picture is of the cutest, tiniest doors that were gateways to tiny closets in the house.  We plan to replicate a small linen closet in our master closet and will use one of the doors for that re-purpose.  I am still looking for a place to use the other one.  We were also able to salvage the narrow double doors with glass uppers that extended out from the upstairs kitchen to the upstairs porch. We will re-purpose them for the master water closet (with new, clouded glass). The wood siding is also being “flipped” and has been put on the exterior on the front porch. You can see the richness of the wood and it is heartwarming that we can re-purpose the wood that has lovingly protected this house as best it could.  We are evaluating the heart pine floors.  They are not in the best shape downstairs due to the termite damage and history of water damage.  Upstairs floors are in good shape, so we hope to use what we can in as much of the house as possible.  The one item that I am torn about is the bathtub that is in the downstairs bathroom that we plan to convert to a powder room  This is the bathtub that I used to take baths in as a child, 50 years ago.  I remember sitting in the bathtub and barely being able to look over the edge!  You can imagine the fond sentiment, but sometimes things don’t need to be revisited.  Time for a new tub.  I mean it is really old, I am not sure that is something I want to sit in again, and to alleviate any quilt, our contractor indicated it would not be easy to restore.  So this is a case of getting a new fixture for the upstairs bath in honor and memory of the old one.

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