Prepping for Pretty

February 23, 2016

We have turned the corner!  It is longer just a demo site with things being torn apart. Slowly and surely the prep work has begun for putting this house back together again.  It has been two steps forward and one step back – but hey, that’s still progress!

The exterior is being hand sanded to prepare for a fresh coat of paint – something this house hasn’t seen in 3 or 4 decades. Aluminum siding graced the exterior of the house for all those years. Probably in response to the termites and the cost to paint the exterior (a significant part of our budget).  One of my favorite parts of the exterior are the three little dormer windows that project from the attic. They have been covered up by the aluminum siding and have not seen the light of day!  We painted them SW Hazel to match the front door and I love how they shine and seem to say “Look at us! Look at what we see!”

The interior trim has been re-purposed and rebuilt, wooden medallions collected and counted, new trim built around new windows to compliment the old trim, seams spackled, weathered and worn white trim sanded down to expose the color history of the house. I see blues and greens, butter and tan.  All colors that will inspire our new paint selections.  While I love the finish of the historical paint peaking out from under the layers, the fresh coat of new paint is what will make this house shine again.  But I do have plans in some secret places to let the paint show it’s many colors.

And in the spirit of two steps forward, one step back, my contractor told me today, “it’s going to look terrible and your going to see every nail hole, every crack when we start to prime – prepare yourself, it’s going to look really, really bad……until we prep it again, patch it up and get it ready for the final paint”.

At least I am prepared for the pretty.

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