Open Concept

October 14, 2015

The demo is well underway and there is so much to show, I am having a hard time keeping up. But I promise to share all that the house has uncovered!  The demolition has become the unveiling of the home, both good and bad.  The potential is revealing itself, but so is the enormity of the work.  There is termite damage throughout, but nothing we can’t address (knock on wood….). The heart-pine hard wood floors in the front parlor had damage as expected, but delightfully the hard wood floors in the “cedar room” (former back porch) were covered by carpeting and in pretty good shape. This picture shows an interesting element of the dining room, and I must say my friends are perplexed with my intention (keeping the quirky originality of the house).  Originally, the door on the left was a window to the porch (revealed by the addition of the trim that is slightly evident). The door on the right was the original door to the porch.  At some point, these were covered and converted to bookcases and open shelves.  We removed the shelving and it will open nicely into the soon-to-be-den.  Instead of closing these open doors off (and creating better space in the den for furniture), I am holding steadfast to the original elements of the house with these two openings.  So even though this means the dining room will have pocket doors, an opening to the kitchen, and two openings to the den (a totally of 4 openings on 3 walls)….. not practical or aesthetically pleasing…it will remain as is to show the original bones of the home. I love my friends for questioning me, challenging me, looking at me in a perplexing way, and accepting my intentions to maintain the quirky features of the house!

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