One Hot Mess

October 2, 2015

Where do I begin? This is a picture of the home we are about to renovate, also known as “one hot mess”.  Tenants have been living in both units so it has been difficult to have access during the planning phases, which was probably a good thing. I am not sure we would have had the courage to proceed ….every time I went in I came out with lots and lots of doubt.

Until we met people that had been on a similar journey.  Our neighbors were so gracious to let us tour their newly renovated home. It completely inspired us and I could see through the mess.  We met a designer who lived nearby and had gone through a similar “one hot mess” transformation. Kind, gracious people opening their home helped us see the potential.

But we had a lot of issues to work through. The house would require all new plumbing, all new wiring, heating and air (there was no central heat and air).  The heart pine floors had water damage, we knew there was some termite damage, exterior vinyl siding would need to come down, the backyard had chickens and a coop (who have now safely been relocated) the electrical box was outside on a porch, and the bathrooms clearly needed gutting.   These massive updates didn’t even take into account the design changes we wanted and needed to do to bring the home into the 21st century.  This would require a team of experts and online research to help us figure this out. So we began to connect with people and slowly build our confidence that this was possible.

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