More History Revealed

October 29, 2015

Love this picture!  This is a photo of my great nephew Jacob and my great niece Lillie with their Great Grandmother, Doris (related to my sister by marriage). Lillie and Jacob’s three times great grandparents built the house under renovation.

I have known Miss Doris for 30 some-odd years and we have been to many family functions just like this one.  But this time we were talking about the blog which she follows (she was on Facebook before I was!).  In fact, she was my very first “friend” request on facebook! With help from her caring family, she keeps up on social media!!  Anyway, I asked her what she liked about the blog and showed her updated pictures when she shared that she knew my great grandmother, Henrietta Kuhne, and she revealed even more history about this house.  She knew great uncles and aunts and she would go visit my great grandmother who lived upstairs. She never went downstairs, where my grandmother lived.   I had no idea how the family had lived in the duplex and with her bright recollection of the past, she gave me more insight into the history of the house.  It has been a duplex longer than I realized, not surprising and a common practice after the great depression when families would convert homes to duplex’s and live collectively.  A great regret I have is that I didn’t ask my father more about the house and any memories he had.  This was a great reminder of the wonderful stories our elders can tell us if we only take the time to listen to their stories, ask about their experiences and encourage them to share their memories and connect us with history.   I can’t wait to bring Miss Doris back to the house that she visited as a young lady!

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