Little Treasures

June 22, 2016

I am sentimental.  I like old things. I especially like old things that have been in the family. Sometimes they are antiques, and sometimes they are just old. And I still delight in finding little treasures, hidden in a cigar box, or a plastic tub. I sometimes save things when I don’t have a clue what I will do with it and I have friends that I am sure are appalled by the “old stuff” I won’t get rid off. “It’s been in the family forever…”!

If you have been following my blog, you know how excited I was to find a picture of a stranger in the wall of the house. Well, imagine my delight when I found a postcard, (2 in fact), in a little tub my Momma had used to store things. Two postcards in perfect condition from Henry’s restaurant. But my true delight was in finding my grandmother had used it as stationery to write a letter to my mother.  My Momma’s momma never got to meet me. I never got to feel her hug.  She passed away when my Momma was a young lady and I know from my aunt, who was a young girl at the time, it was difficult. I missed that special relationship.  But I felt a surge of love when I found those two little postcards. I knew from that little note how much she cared for my mother, that she wanted her to be happy and that she must have liked to go to Henry’s because she had two postcards! Henry’s was established in 1930, known then for it’s fine dining and is now the oldest continuous restaurant in SC.

And so my recent renovation journey has been, how to display these old things that mean so much? In addition to these postcards, I had a few other items – some that were original to this house – that I wanted to showcase.  A small German tile, a stool from the original Cigar Factory, some old teapots, a medal my Daddy received from winning the Best Camellia Seedling in the Nation, and a few other family heirlooms.  I began the hunt.  I started with Antique malls (Charleston/Mt Pleasant have many to choose from) and found inspiration there. But I really found the goods at Pottery Barn and, believe it or not, Hobby Lobby. Pottery Barn has this beautiful antique inspired frame that allows you to showcase the front and back of an item. Perfect for this particular project!  And Hobby Lobby had great little easels, glass boxes and fabric to line things (and a really good clearance aisle!). For just a few dollars, I was able to buy a few things to help showcase some very sentimental items throughout the house to remind me of my family and their love.

So, save your family treasures. Ask your parents and family members to share their stories. Find ways to showcase your little treasures  – they can remind you of the love and the life of your family.

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