It’s Our Little Secret……

March 8, 2016

From the street, you can barely notice it. But on a bright day, with the sunshine beaming down, you see the reflection.  Yes!  The copper roof is on!! And it is one of my favorite things we have done to the house.  As my husband said, “worth every penny!” (Pun intended!)

As you may recall from a prior post, this was a big compromise move.  We put regular shingles on the majority of the house, and based on our contractors recommendation, we added copper to the roof of the front porch only.  You can see from the pictures, the roof has high visibility from the second floor.  And now what a view it is!

The roofer that installed the copper is extremely talented and we were lucky he squeezed us in as he works on big projects in downtown Charleston. They were halfway through installing the copper and I just kept thanking him.  I think he was taken aback because he kept saying, we’re coming back to finish, don’t worry.

So with the roof on, the columns back securing the house, we are on a roll.  The next two weeks will be action packed.  Paint, floors refinished, kitchen cabinets and fixtures! I needed this boost!  It has felt like mile 23 of a marathon.  I was starting to bonk, not sure if I had the stamina to make it to the end.  But with all the pieces of the puzzle starting to come together,  I am overwhelmed with excitement and thankfulness.  I know Daddy is proud of what we are accomplishing….and of course, I keep finding dimes to prove it.

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  • Reply Liz Martin March 10, 2016 at 1:57 am

    It looks awesome! What a project, but will be worth it in the end!

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