Historic Rains and Historic Surprises

October 4, 2015

Charleston and much of South Carolina is experiencing historic rains and flooding.  I hope everyone impacted remains safe and that property damage is minimal.  Once again I am proud of our City and State in how we are caring and watching out for each other during a crisis.

Like many, I have been home bound and in lock down mode to keep out of harms way.  What started out as a chore to clean closets and boxes turned into a learning experience about the house and a real find regarding the history of the house.  Sorting through papers I found something that reveals the origins of the house and schools me a bit on the original transaction of the property.

For months, since doing some research on the house I have been referring to the house that “my great-grandfather built in 1914”. Regularly omitting my great-grandmother from the equation (a curious blindspot given my lien to feminism).   While going through lots of files and documents my father left (most of which were irrelevant),  I found the original title to the house, dated Dec 14, 1914. I felt like my great-grandmother was teaching me a lesson.

The document shows that Amy S. Allen deeded the property to Henrietta C. Kuhne for $5.  A number of stipulations were listed, including the following “any dwelling-house erected upon said lot shall cost not less than eighteen hundred dollars”.  Recorded this 14 day of Dec 1914 in Book R Page 314 Fee 25 cents.

I need to do more research to understand why the property would be in my great-grandmother’s name, but I found this so interesting! And it taught me to now refer to the home my great-grandmother made!

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