Formosan Termites Were Here

October 18, 2015

Like spray painting on the side of the house, “termites were here”, we found extensive evidence of their visit.  This picture is from the inside of the front parlor looking at the neighbors home. This was the worst area of the termite damage, but we also found damage in the kitchen, the exterior side of the house, and few other random places.  Fortunately, (knock on wood), the damage was from a earlier infestation. When my father inherited the house, the termites were discovered and at that time I imagine he didn’t have the funds to make the necessary repairs.  He treated for termites, put vinyl siding on the house, and secured a bond and yearly check-up to ensure these little devils didn’t bring the house down.  Marc, my contractor, and the demo guys are doing a great job of seeking the damage to make sure we identify and repair it all.  So far, it hasn’t been a budget buster, but it has been more than we had hoped for.

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