First Camellia

October 19, 2015

In the midst of sawdust, termite damage, open walls and damaged floors, there blooms the first Camellia!  What a sight! To the left of the house is a row of Camellia Sasanqua.  I spotted early buds, but wasn’t sure we would get the benefit of it’s early bloom.  We had to remove a few trees and large branches in the side and backyard, but this plant was not damaged..  They are showing their beautiful blooms as if to give us a nod to the renovation process.  Daddy was a serious camellia grower, cultivating and naming camellias after myself, my sister, my mother, his father and the prize of them all, award winning Georgia National Fair, registered with the American Camellia Society.  His garden of over 600 camellia plants is at the home that I grew up in and we have been planning to cultivate as many as we can to have a camellia garden at this home. Daddy got his first camellia from his father in late 1950 before his father passed away.  As a child, I remember a green house and camellias being grown and propagated in the very small backyard of this property.  It is only fitting that we take the camellias we have propagated from Daddy’s garden to create a beautiful camellia garden here, where he grew up.  We are months away from being able to complete this portion of the project, but the camellia bloom was a reminder of our goal and motivation to keep on going, despite the termite damage we are seeing.

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