November 20, 2015

This picture makes the house look quite tentative, as if the stick posts are the only things holding it up.  But just another step toward ensuring a safe and sound foundation.  Much effort was put into trying to get the porch better supported, but at the end of the day, it just needed a new face. So, our contractor Marc made the call – it would cost more patch and repair than just to tear the front porch out and put in new, stable flooring.  The columns were removed to tear out the flooring and they will be replaced and repaired as well.

On the back side, the den has been extended, the porch framed, and the livable space is starting to take shape. Upstairs, the master bath and master closet have been framed, pocket doors installed and attic cut out.  Best news is that we found a place to reuse the historic doors that were in the upstairs kitchen and that extended to the porch.  The electrical and plumbing start next week and the buzz of activity will be heightened as multiple crews ascend on the property.

Changes are happening fast and furious!  And we can finally see the flow and livability of the space!!

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