Are We There Yet?

January 6, 2016

Not quite.  As we close out 2015 and the halfway point in the project, I am so very thankful what this year has brought, and so very anxious for the pretty to start.

We never would have imagined what 2015 would bring in the way of adventure and change.  Twelve months ago we had not even decided who would be the keepers of this house. We were still grieving the loss of Daddy, but he clearly was busy at work mapping out what was in store for us and this house.  Once it was decided we would be the keepers of the house, my husband and I STILL didn’t know if we wanted to just bring it up to a livable standard as a duplex or try and renovate it. A daunting task that frankly my husband had to convince me was the right thing to do.  As the journey has unfolded, I have never once (ok, almost never) doubted our decision or looked back.  And the adventure continues.

We are about 50% complete with the project, but (as you can tell from my infrequent blogs) I am really tired of looking at scarred walls, missing floors, MORE termite damage, electrical outlets, plumbing, and HVAC.  So when does the pretty start?

My friends who have ventured on this path remind me this is the worst of it (even my contractor said this is when people lose their excitement and get tired of the debris). We have spent countless hours looking at electrical plug and switch locations, trying to decide is it in the precise location it needs to be? What if you need a table there with a lamp and there is no plug? Is the three switch in the guest bath too close to the shower? (Yes….!  Good catch on my part!)  And can we go ahead and just take the rest of the plaster down so we can get some good old fashion insulation in the walls?

We’re learning it’s a marathon, not a sprint; so many small decisions have to be made and small as they are they add up to the overall impact on our living experience.

So, to lift my spirits and bring the pretty back to the project, I have been taking advantage of the Christmas and New Year sales and have bought almost all the fixtures needed! Next phase of the project is to finalize plumping inspection (a not so high science step of watching what water does in a filled bathtub), and then we hope to insulate and drywall in early January.

Happy New Year to each of you who have read my blog and shared in our adventure. Thank you for your interest and support – you have inspired me to continue the journey!

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