A Wall of Surprises

October 27, 2015

The uncovering of the termite damage continues, and instead of being worried, I get happy with each finding. The “demo boys” are doing a good job of finding the problems and I really do thank them each time they uncover one more thing … If we can find, it we can fix it … is my attitude!  We have replaced a number of support beams under the house and on both sides of the exterior.  In the process of removing the bad siding one the demo guys found these items in the photo.  A metal plaque that states Buell and Roberts, Charleston, SC and a newspaper dated July 28, 1927.   I immediately went to the Facebook group I am a member of: Charleston History before 1945 to ask for help.  A number of people provided input and perspective.  One even shared a photo of the same metal plaque that sits in his coal fireplace in his home.  Further research at the Library confirmed that Buell and Roberts, dated 1927, was listed in the Charleston yearbook as a furniture store, located at 573-575 King Street.  I can’t explain why this would have been in the exterior wall of the house, with a newspaper, but I feel like somebody was sending a message of “I was here!”.  I actually have some furniture that came from this home and it is possible it came from Buell and Roberts.   One thing it does explain is why I have such an affinity for The Grocery restaurant, located at 575 King Street and Affordabikes at 573 King Street.  We plan to restore the plaque and frame the comics from the paper.  What another find as this house continues to tell us stories!

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