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File Jul 06, 2 12 35 PM

This Stuff Doesn’t Just Happen….

No, this is not in my yard.  But it is my community and I am one lucky girl.  Charleston has over 120 parks and one day, in the midst of renovating our home, I decided to get out of the chaos and go work…

July 6, 2016
File Jun 15, 5 18 09 PM


Recovering….in more ways than one. The renovation takes a toll on you. You are making hundreds of decisions – it feels like by the hour – and then your only job is to unpack boxes. Since the move into the house, we have taken it…

June 15, 2016
File May 30, 2 40 40 PM

Philip Simmons Was Here

Love this picture!  It is of my sister and cousins, 1962. Why this and the reference to Philip Simmons?  Well, this is the picture, courtesy of my Aunt Joan, that helped date the railings to the house.  During the blessing of the house, I…

May 30, 2016
File Jan 19, 6 48 34 PM

Historic Rains and Historic Surprises

Charleston and much of South Carolina is experiencing historic rains and flooding.  I hope everyone impacted remains safe and that property damage is minimal.  Once again I am proud of our City and State in how we are caring and watching out for each…

October 4, 2015
File Jan 19, 6 47 05 PM

The History of the Kuhne-Drews Home

The inspiration for this adventure all started with the photo you see.  Years ago I found this photo and had an etching done for my parents and my sister. Who knew the connection I would be making at that time with this home!  I rediscovered…

October 1, 2015