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April 2016

File Apr 29, 7 04 52 AM

Welcome Home!

“Welcome Home.” This is what Mr. G, my neighbor said to me when we moved in. It brought me to tears. You see, Mr. G has lived in this neighborhood for over 50 years. He knew me as a small child, he knew my…

April 29, 2016
File Apr 20, 6 26 37 AM

Bless This House!

We were in no shape to host an open house. The punch list grows daily of the details that have to be finished to literally pass final inspections and allow us to move in on schedule. But I had this idea…. I wanted to…

April 20, 2016
File Apr 14, 12 19 17 PM

It’s a Sprint, not a Marathon!

Up until this point it has been a slow and steady pace. Methodically tearing things down to slowly build them up again. And then all of a sudden, it’s a sprint.  Everything is happening at once. All the craftsman are fine tuning the details…

April 14, 2016
File Apr 06, 4 13 11 PM

Lights, Cabinets, Action!

Electricity is on!  Lights are in! Cabinets are in! And we are in high gear with activity. So much so that I am having a little trouble keeping up and I know this is when I need all eyes on the project. Unfortunately, this…

April 6, 2016