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October 2015

File Jan 21, 3 49 12 PM

More History Revealed

Love this picture!  This is a photo of my great nephew Jacob and my great niece Lillie with their Great Grandmother, Doris (related to my sister by marriage). Lillie and Jacob’s three times great grandparents built the house under renovation. I have known Miss Doris for 30…

October 29, 2015
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Demo Decorators

One thing I love about the demo guys is they don’t pull any punches, they tell you like it is — good or bad, and they always give you solutions.  Whether we are talking about the termites (again) or ideas for the yard (one is a…

October 28, 2015
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A Wall of Surprises

The uncovering of the termite damage continues, and instead of being worried, I get happy with each finding. The “demo boys” are doing a good job of finding the problems and I really do thank them each time they uncover one more thing … If…

October 27, 2015
File Jan 21, 3 47 22 PM

First Camellia

In the midst of sawdust, termite damage, open walls and damaged floors, there blooms the first Camellia!  What a sight! To the left of the house is a row of Camellia Sasanqua.  I spotted early buds, but wasn’t sure we would get the benefit of…

October 19, 2015
File Jan 19, 6 57 10 PM

Formosan Termites Were Here

Like spray painting on the side of the house, “termites were here”, we found extensive evidence of their visit.  This picture is from the inside of the front parlor looking at the neighbors home. This was the worst area of the termite damage, but we…

October 18, 2015
File Jan 19, 6 49 15 PM

Open Concept

The demo is well underway and there is so much to show, I am having a hard time keeping up. But I promise to share all that the house has uncovered!  The demolition has become the unveiling of the home, both good and bad.  The…

October 14, 2015
File Jan 19, 6 48 06 PM

The Wall Came Tumbling Down

We are in the process of demolition this week and the transformation is amazing.  One of the biggest visual barriers in seeing the home’s potential has been the two front doors, separated by a wall to create the duplex.  As a result, both units…

October 11, 2015
File Jan 19, 6 47 26 PM

Let the Demo Begin

After anxiously waiting almost 2 months, we received approval from the South Carolina Historic Preservation Organization to begin the renovation.  This was cause for celebration!  One, because we got the ok (not easily secured), two, we have the potential for tax credits, and three, we could…

October 6, 2015
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Historic Rains and Historic Surprises

Charleston and much of South Carolina is experiencing historic rains and flooding.  I hope everyone impacted remains safe and that property damage is minimal.  Once again I am proud of our City and State in how we are caring and watching out for each…

October 4, 2015
File Jan 19, 6 47 46 PM

The first family: The Kuhne’s

This is a picture of the Kuhne Family around 1920, based on the age of the children and the 1920 census.  Shown, with estimated ages, are Julian (11), Julian H (37), Rupert (8), Helen (13), Henrietta (41), and Frederick (10). I found an obituary in a…

October 3, 2015